Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is now a house music blog.

There's no allmusic or wikipedia page on Crookers, but a google search turned up this informative article with video below.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Feed The Animals

I downloaded Girl Talk's Feed the Animals from illegal-art after following a link from one of the music sites, but it wasn't until today, after reading yesterday's NY Times article, that I started listening to it. It reminds me of the excitement of finding out about mashups back in 2004, but a more wrapped up, commercial version-- a more accessible, updated, and less clowny version of DJ Yoda's Amazing Adventures. Like most mashups, GT's songs capture the best moments of popular contemporary songs to stir up your emotions in a post-post-modern we-play-everything radio play for the short-attention span, multitasking, always-online, text-messaging twitter generation.

1. Girl Talk: Feed the Animals
2. Making Girls Dance: All in a Night’s Work By JON PARELES Published: November 19, 2008
3. Steal This Hook? D.J. Skirts Copyright Law By ROBERT LEVINE Published: August 6, 2008
4. The Amazing Adventures of DJ Yoda

Friday, May 23, 2008


It's like 1995 is back again.
Tricky's coming out with a new album, Knowle West Boy, due out in the UK on July 7. US release Sep 9th. Single is Council Estate. Video currently on the website with other preview tracks. Single out June 30. You can download parts of it to make your own remix on the Knowle West Boy site. More news here. Brown Punk (Tricky's label).

Portishead just released Third

Martina Topley Bird just released The Blue God

Maybe Hope Sandoval will release something soon.