Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Searching for Ronson's boots

Listening to Mark Ronson's kylie_ronson and OOH WEED mashups.
Looking for more from 2003.

From care of the way back machine:
Mark Ronson- Lionel Vinyl (vs Kylie's Slow) = kylie_ronson.mp3
Mark Ronson - DJ Tiim (vs Missy's Dutch) = OOH WEED.mp3

From above:
DJTims downloads

Apparently the wayback machine does not store mp3s. The links go outside. I was fooling myself. There are no shortcuts in life :(

From, care of the Wayback machine:
From Elektrobank:
Lionel Vinyl
Nadia Ksaiba, which linked to Our Disco

Ton more links from Elektrobank:
Culture Deluxe (bootchart)
McSleazy (downloads)
go to the site for more.

from McSleazy:
rawramp (tone396)

Care of GYBO:
PPM mashed Radio Ga Ga and Khia and called it All We Need Is Radio Khia. Go to his site for the link or go to the gybo topic.

CCC's shake your grapes topic on gybo.

Found Bombs over Scotland ronson mix here.

tons more links...

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